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Relief Co. Africa understands the Relief World’s requirements. We realized that disaster situations require immediate support, responses & supplies. To solve the international problem, Relief Co. Africa has setup its Warehouse at Jebel Ali Free port in Dubai & Pretoria South Africa,

 The Warehouses contain stock of Tents, Blankets, Sleeping Mats, Plastic/P.E. Sheets, Soap, Hurricane Lanterns & other listed products. All products are ready for shipments & the Warehouses are capable to deliver the required items anywhere in the world right after order confirmation.

To provide best quality of the listed stocked items, we have worked with various agencies, manufacturers & suppliers to get best quality of products for our valued buyers. Our technical staff members test each product prior to supply and so we are able to provide true disaster relief items without any defect or problem.

We have also worked with various Cargo & Shipping companies to find out solutions for immediate deliveries with maximum care. We use different methods & routes of shipment deliveries to reach anywhere in the world to help you in providing relief.

To keep you update with available stock & quantities we have published an electronic newsletter to provide regular details about stocks & quantity.. Now you can receive all your required information right in your inbox.

Once again, Relief Co. Africa has proved its value to the precious clientele.



Refugee Tents
Quantity:  6000 Pieces.
Hurricane Lanterns
Quantity:  35,040 Pieces.
Quantity:   80,000 Pieces
Sleeping Mats
Quantity:   24,000 Pieces
Plastic / P.E. Sheets
Quantity:   15000 Pieces
Soap Bars
Quantity:  50 Metric Ton
  Kitchen / Cooking Sets
    Quantity:  3600 sets
  Kerosene Stoves
    Quantity:  7,920 pieces.
  Pressure Stoves
    Quantity: 2,880 pieces.
  Kerosene Heaters
    Quantity: 1,213 pieces.
  Food Items & Kits
    Quantity: 2,000 pieces. / Day
  Plastic Buckets
    Quantity: 5,000 pieces.

A great service to keep you in touch with our Warehouse. You can receive regular  updates, news & stock details right in your inbox..


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