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Plastic / P.E. Sheets  (Waterproof & Rotproof)



Size:  4 x 6 meter
Composition: Inside PE Black fiber, coated outside with white PE film.
Bands: 6 reinforcement bands lengthwise.
Tensile: Inside: Min. 70 DaN inside the band
Outside: Min. 50 DaN outside the reinforcement band.
Welding: One welding placed down (lengthwise) middle of the sheet.
UV Resistance: Max. 5% loss of genuine tensile strength inside & outside the bands.
Peeling: Min 3 DaN for the bands & welding.
Weight: 209 to 231 grams / square meter
Temp Resistance:  -20 to +80 Degree Centigrade.
Flammability: Flashpoint above 2000 Degree C.
Printing: Nor Required.
Features: Water, rot & soil fauna resistant.
Packing: 5 Tarpaulins / Bale
Available Stock: 5000 Sheets





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