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Extreme Winter Climate Tent  (Double Fly  -  Double Wall)
Specially Built for Low Temperature Situations:


This tent is specially made for extreme weather conditions. It's unique design keeps it warm from inside & prevent cool winds to enter into the room. Upper fly, upper walls, inner fly & inner walls are made of waterproof canvas only. If required, lining can be stitched along. Additional wadding wool can also be sandwiched between canvas & lining.

Walls height is 1.5 meter. Upper part from height of 1.5 meter, 1.15 meter made of canvas and remaining lower part 0.35 meter made of PVC coated fabric. Bottom of the wall to be attached with mud flap of 20 cm of same PVC coated fabric. Weight of PVC coated fabric is about 450 grams/square meter approximately.

Floor Area: 4.1 x 4.1 meter
Center Height: 3.4 meter
Wall Height: 1.5 meter
Upper Fly: Made of waterproof canvas.
Upper Walls: Made of waterproof canvas.
Inner Fly: Made of waterproof canvas.
Inner Walls: Made of waterproof canvas.
Door: One
Windows: Two on either sides of the wall.
Ground Sheet: Made of PVC coated fabric. 450 grams/square meter.
Ropes: Made of polypropylene.



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