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Relief Co. Africa is market leader in manufacturing & exports of Tents, Canvas, Tarpaulins & other Allied Products. Best Quality is our tradition & we always try to provide unmatched quality products to our costumers to win their trust & confidence. We have variety of products to suit your requirements. Please have a look to the listed items & select yours.



We have 12 Production Units around Africa, Pakistan & Asia. All units are working day & night to fulfill the increasing demands by our global clientele. To obtain the desired quality of products, we have installed most modern textile, foundry & other related equipment. From a hammer to canvas, bamboos to iron rods, we produce all items & parts in our production units.

Our technical staff & production director took a great survey before buying & installing all equipment. From Power Looms to Sewing Machines, we have most modern machinery installed in all our production units with sufficient technical staff to handle any emergency situation. With the strong backup & technical support by manufacturers of the machinery, we are capable to work around the clock without any problem.

Our production units are manned by over 4000 dedicated professionals from different fields of life. All workers are working day & night to fulfill the dynamically increasing demands of our products. Our selection criteria is quite tough & we have built a team of  highly motivated, sincere & skilled staff members. With their efforts & skills, we are declared leaders in the market.

We have a well-facilitated R&D Department with a team of experienced and qualified personnel dedicated to product development and to implement stringent quality control processes. To produce best quality with minimum resources & environment friendly process is our first priority.


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