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Relief Co. Africa was established with the aim to introduce high quality tents, tarpaulins, canvas & other allied products to the world. Due to the professional commitment, the company focused on quality & timely deliveries & so it won precious list of valuable clients within a short span of time. The business was expanding day by day & new challenges were coming out. Within 3 years of existence, Relief Co. Africa had setup its own production units to meet the exceeding demand with unmatched quality & in-time production & supplies. Highly skilled professionals are working day & night to introduce new products & to maintain company’s tradition of highest quality with competitive rates.

Due to increasing demands & dynamic growth, Relief Co. Africa had to setup other production units with most modern equipment & techniques for production of unmatched quality products.

Annual exports are in millions of dollars, client list is increasing dynamically & company is winning new awards & trophies every year.

Now, that was the time to enjoy the progress with most precious clientele and one of the major manufacturing & export setups of the sub-continent. Relief Co. Africa also made a setup at UAE / Jebel Ali Free Port to provide prompt supplies with no time delay for Disaster Relief. The modern & fully managed Warehouse at Jebel Ali Free Port is able to provide tents, blankets, sleeping mats, soaps, hurricane lanterns and lot more products for emergency supplies. The Warehouse is able to send the required shipment to anywhere in the world right after confirmation order.





Relief Co. Africa was established with the aim to introduce high quality Tents, Canvas, Tarpaulins & Allied Products to national & international market. The unmatched quality standards & excellent services of the company were highly appreciated & it won various large supply orders. Due to increasing demand & to maintain highest quality, Relief Co. Africa had to setup its own manufacturing units for Tents, Canvas, Tarpaulins & all Allied Products manufacturing. All units are using latest techniques & modern equipment to produce quality products. Now Relief Co. Africa has 12 production units working day & night to fulfill the increasing demand of international buyers from all over the world.


From the very beginning, Relief Co. Africa got attention of world's leading Organizations, Armies & Private Traders. Its quality products & best performances gave it a well reputed name in the field & in a very short span of time, Relief Co. Africa had a precious list of valuable buyers from all over the world. The increasing client list includes most renown & respectable names like UNHCR, UNICEF, Red Cross, IFRC, CARE & Crown Agents. Now Relief Co. Africa is enjoying very strong & professional relations with its regular & respected buyers.


 Relief Co. Africa also launched its warehouse at Jebel Ali, Dubai for urgent & immediate supplies. The warehouse is capable to store large stock of listed disaster relief items & able to ship the required items right after order confirmation. Relief Co. Africa also worked a lot with different cargo & shipping companies to find out the best solutions for immediate deliveries of  disaster relief  items. Now its possible to deliver your required listed item on urgent basis anywhere in the world.


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